Frank Pais 391 entre Simon Bolivar y Javier Zerquera Trinidad (Cuba)


Trinidad is a city of thousand colors, and the colonial charm is located in the Sancti Spirito region, a gem between the Sierra del Escambray and the Caribbean Sea is Trinidad is one of the most appreciated jewels of all Cuba was proclaimed in 1988 World Heritage by UNESCO. Is a postcard city, also called the Cuba City Museum: Located on a hill and rolling from the sea breeze ( about 12 km away), Trinidad is a great explosion of colors, cozy, quiet. Was born in 1514 with the name of Villa de la Santísima Trinidad by the Spanish conquistadores who made it famous and rich thanks to the trade of sugar and slaves. In this place you cannot miss the many lanes that characterize the heart, starting from the central square, Plaza Mayor, surrounded by centuries-old buildings such as Iglesia de Santísima Trinidad.

Valley of the Sugar Mills

Valley de los Ingenios or Valley of the Sugar Mills is an interesting place to visit and you could understand the origins of the highest splendor of Trinidad city. Sugar production was important for Cuba that became world’s foremost producer of sugar during the late 18th and 19th centuries, when sugar production was the main industry.

Playa ancon

Playa Ancon is one of the nicest in Cuba it is surprisingly empty and relaxed. if you need a day to relax in the sun head out to Playa Ancon.

Natural Park“El Cubano”

Departure in a mountain truck or a jeep. An attractive place to be visited by the nature and ecology lovers. It is 30 minutes drive from Trinidad .It is rather impressive, being a protected space encloses numerous treasures. Waterfalls, hiking trails and as well as spectacular views.

“María Aguilar” Beach

A very quiet sandy and rocky small beach it is remarkable for its warm, shallow waters under which lies a rugged seabed teeming with luxuriant life.